Friday, April 2, 2010

Kids Summer Job

Kids can actually earn some money during their break. My daughter has bugged me for some time about how to earn this summer. With the use of our DSLR, tripod, some lights, some hats and a blanket, she and her bestfriend Ena are now earning some dough by putting up a photo station. Of course, with some help from mom.

The first customer she had was my friend's daughter. It was during their exams week and so I didn't allow her to go with me. Instead, I made a deal with my friend that I'd take the pictures for free but that she would have to pay a small amount to cover for the layouts that my daughter will do. Also, that she will have to have the pictures printed since that time Ikee hadn't bought her printer yet. My friend agreed and thus my daughter had her first customer.

Their next customers were those from her school. They invited them over to our house where they had set up a pseudo-studio, had them don some hats and took their pics. After that, my girls had made the borders and printed the pics. Really cute.

Apart from these, the girls earned some money too from helping me during my stint at the Lipa Swimming Competition. We sold some yogurt smoothie. The sale was good - very good as a matter of fact that we had to turn down some customers because we had absolutely nothing more to sell.

They're still waiting for other jobs to do. We've put up an ad on the net and hopefully they'll find more people to avail of their services. You may view their work at C'est Beau on facebook.

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Business Trip to DOST

Yesterday was a good day. I was at the ITDI of the Department of Science and Techonology at lower Bicutan only because my daughter needed some research material for her thesis. DOST is only open from Mondays to Fridays that it would be almost impossible for Ikee to go there. So, off I went.

It was a so nice that both Mam Andy and Mam Jane (my namessake) of the ITDI Library were very helpful that they took out several materials related to what my daughter needed. After I had gotten the material Ikee needed, I inquired about sardine making and there they were - my eye openers. They not only the material I needed, they also had the suppliers listed on the same handout. What a pleasant surprise eh? After all, I had been scouring through several materials both printed and on the internet but none offered such an extensive resource. Not only did I learn about the sardines, I also found out that I can actually have my goods packed, canned or bottled by them at a cost that I can afford. Could you imagine being able to start my business with just 10 thousand or so? Yup. No kidding. Did I mention they have hundreds of business opportunities there? Food, industrial, livelihood, etc. It's just great!

Here's a list of the trainings and techonology you can find there:
1. Meat processing
2. Fish processing,
3. Biogas
4. Jatropha Biofuel
5. Mushroom farming
6. Wine Making
7. Bagoong production
8. Packaging
9. Market linkages/marketing

The one sad thing is that the DOST does not have a central library where anything and everything can be found. I had to be transferred a number of times to get to the right person.

For those who are interested to check out DOST, you can find them at Alternatively, you may call them at (63) 8372071 to 82 local 2265 or 2270. Their email address is

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Getting into the Wheatgrass Craze

I've been looking for wheatgrass for a very long time now. Finally, I got hold of it at the EDSA Garden House inside the Manila Seedling Bank.

This grass could be a potential business venture. Check out the math:

a shot of wheat juice is sold for 75 pesos.

If you start to plant your own, you can buy an 800 gram bag for 240 php. this bag can yield of about 36 to 50 oz in just 10 days. but, you would need at least 6 trays to plant the grains in. and some soil.

To summarize:

returns in 7 to 10 days (35 oz x 75/oz) 2625.00
1 bag of grains (800 g) 240.00
6 trays 420.00
soil 100.00
water 100.00
labor 300.00

total initial cost (1110.00)

Total profit from first harvest (conservative) PHP 1515.00

Wheatgrass will be sold from the home of entrepreneur.

From the figures, it looks like wheatgrass is a lucrative business. But of course, further study should be made to prove it.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Business of Health - Fulfilling and Lucrative

I am sure you'd agree that the health business is one of the most lucrative yet fulfilling businesses there is in this planet today. Some people attribute it to the baby boomers who are by now in their senior years and need caregivers. Others say it is because of the number of babies born each minute. But I, I would say it is because of both and a lot more.

To evaluate the basis of my answer is to inspect the factors that affect health. These are political, socio-economic, spiritual, and all those -ial words that you normally hear of. But I do want to focus on the first three I have mentioned. Political would include civil wars, wars, laws etc. Will these affect morbidity and mortality? Of course it will. In fact, it will surely add up to the number of those who will need health care services.

Next, socio-economic. I come from a country where poverty abounds. The observation we have is that the poorer the state of the family, the more children there are. Why? Well, first because intercourse becomes a recreation. Procreation and recreation - they do rhyme don't they? he he he. Second is that methods for birth control may not be affordable and thus the couple resorts to the less expensive methods which are less effective too. third, is that there may be a lack of information on the use of contraceptives. Whatever the reason, the more babies, the more people. The bigger the population, the higher the need for health care.

Spiritual - well, according to some, it may be a sin to use the modern methods of health and thus result to the natural method. Again, more babies.

Do we see a pattern? Naturally, the more babies equals increase in population equals inrease in health care requirement. Ergo, increase in profits for the businessman. Well, that is if you run your business with a good reputation and standards. What are these businesses that may thrive in such a global crisis that is being experienced presently? Well, food supplements for one. It's but natural because we don't want to be spending on hospital and medical bills that are more costly. I do recommend waiora more specifically the healthy Aging caplets and the Natural Cellular Defense. I've taken these. My whole family has tried them and we all attest to the efficacy of the supps. In fact some of my mom's friends and mine too give their testimony about how the products have helped them in some way. My mom is into the business. You may want to give her a call at (818) 4009751. Ask for Lucy Garcia.

Insurance companies. My recommendation is Manulife. It is company that has a high adherence to professionalism and integrity.

And lately, swimming. Yes, swimming. I've realized from my daughter's coach that indeed there are but a few coaches with the so many millions of people. There is just a lack of information dissemination on the benefits of swimming. If you have read my other blog, you'd know that I am currently busy preparing for a series of swimming competitions. I've been informed by some that the reason the children are not able to compete is because they need to focus on their studies. Focusing on studies is good but then there should be time alloted for exercise which makes the body and the brain function at its best. A good body makes for an intelligent individual. Because of this, I've come up with the idea of repackaging swimming as a part of a healthy lifestyle and we're now working on having a mini exhibit that will feature products that have something to do with health. The exhibit will be done simultaneously with the competition.

Oh, well. I do hope the business people will have companies that encourage living a healthy lifestyle. There should be provisions for addressing the need of the sick people but there should be more emphasis on how they can avoid getting sick in the first place. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Homeworks Business?

I'm a mother but also a teacher. Thus, I believe that children should be allowed to do things on their own but they should also have ample help and guidance from the adults around them. Lately, I've helped her with creating her boat from recycled materials. I've also created some of the props she needed for a skit in school. And so many others actually that have earned her quite high marks.

So, one day, just after I finished Ikee's wig for the skit (yes, I created a wig and a cravat to transform her ordinary clothes to something that would look victorian), my husband commented that I should just put up a business that would let me create and produce homeworks that are given to the children. I'm so into it and I really love doing those things. That would probably be a good idea for a homebusiness. Any ideas?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Little Experiment on Blogging

I'd like to do a little experiment on blogs. I've noticed that you can actually create a site without having to write anything. Yup, it's called the feed. But, what I want to know is if it will have a good rating from Google.

You see, I'm a little disappointed with my other blog ( which used to be a PR3. It had been penalized and was thus rated with an n/a and then it was brought back to a PR0. But, this July, I had expected it's score to be higher. But noooo... Google still didn't want to grant me my wish. Instead, it raised the PR rating of my other blogs. So now I do have a PR4 blog , a PR 3 website, and a PR 1 blog. and yes, my is still a PR 0. sigh*

How's your PR rating?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Tourism Can Pay

I've always believed that tourism is a very good source of income. Recently, we were able to join a trip to Anawangin, Zambales, organized by a bunch of mountaineers. Apparently, they loved going to the place that they were there often and were able to set up some network in the area. The really nice thing about it is that they not only earn for themselves, they've also been able to give jobs to the people they work with.

Have you discovered a hidden place yet? There's so much in the Philippines that we can actually live on just tourism.